The campaign

Cause and effect

Rumanian children that pick up oranges. Africans boys frozen to death in slums and ghettos. For years, in Sicily and Calabria, orange harvest is synomyn of serious exploitation.

The victims are, in many different ways, migrant workers and Italian laborers expelled from labour market.

They say it’s humanitarian emergency, we see a mode of production. Behind the appearance of poverty, bad distributed wealth is hiding


The campaign

#FilieraSporca is a campaign promoted by Terra! Onlus, daSud and The project goal is mapping the supply chain of oranges, from the fields to the shelves of supermarkets: red oranges from Etna exported all over the world; Calabrian “bionde” mixed with the Brazilian juice that ends in the cans of the multinationals; Sibari’s clementines brought all over Italy.

The heart of the supply chain is a class of middlemen that accumulates wealth, organizes the harvests using the “corporals”, determines prices. Big traders impoverishes the small producers and purchases their grounds. They cause the poverty of migrants and deny a dignified reception.

#FilieraSporca proposes jointly and severally liable of supermarkets and multinationals. They must answer for entire supply chain, including bottom levels. Our campaign also requires norms for fair and open labels and the public list of suppliers.

We think that clear informations allow the consumers to choose slavery free products.





Terra!Onlus is an environmental association that connects experiences, ideas, people, groups and associations who want to protect the environment and the local territory.

terrelibere was born in 1999: it is one of the first Italian we sites to have gathered and produced inquiries and researches. The issues are relations between North and South, mafia, migrations, economy and inequalities.



daSud is an anti-mafia association that promotes social progress. It was born in Calabria in 2005 to experiment social justice pathways, to develop rights as a tool to oppose the clans and to reconstruct the grassroots anti-mafia campaign. Its headquarters is in Rome.

This report is edited by Antonello Mangano.

The pictures have been taken by Giuseppe Chiantera. Website is made by Antonello Mangano
Supervision by Fabio Ciconte. Contribution by Lorenzo Misuraca.

The report was translated by Irene Longobardi-Kuetgens. Report’s English edition is edited by Sarah Jane Nodes 

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